27 Feb

What is OneNote?

It’s hard to believe: OneNote is a software that millions of people around the world already have on their computers. But only some of them know that: Microsoft OneNote slumbers on their PC, tablet or smartphone. They do not know that this program could change their entire life.

You can benefit from OneNote in your everyday life as well as at work. That’s why I want to give you some answers first in this introduction: What is OneNote? What can OneNote do? How does OneNote work?

OneNote is a permanent part of Microsoft Office since 2003. The familiar software package includes useful programs such as Microsoft Word for word processing, Microsoft Excel for spreadsheets, Microsoft PowerPoint for presentations or Microsoft Outlook for e-mail, contacts and calendars. OneNote is also installed with Microsoft Office. Nevertheless, it often rests asleep on most computers like an undiscovered software treasure. Unfortunately, OneNote has hardly been advertised by Microsoft in the beginning.

OneNote is becoming more popular

Today, OneNote is available separately as a free download – without the rest of the Office package. There is also a free OneNote app, which is already preinstalled in Windows 10 and offers the most important features. OneNote can also be downloaded for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. It seems as if OneNote becomes more popular because of the triumphant progress of tablet PCs with pen control as well as the ability to save digital notebooks in the cloud and use them online in Internet browsers. In this book, I will show you how OneNote takes advantage of these possibilities.

Like I just told you, OneNote enables you to create digital notebooks. OneNote helps you replace documents, folders and any kind of printed information. You can save a lot of paper and money over the years – also for sketches and handwritten notes. Thanks to saving your content digitally in the cloud, it cannot get lost – unlike a “real” notebook.

We don’t only talk about plain text: graphics, images, lists and scanned documents can also be inserted and managed conveniently. Even better: In OneNote you can save a variety of multimedia content such as emails, audio recordings, videos, websites and much more. You can also deposit letters or photographed whiteboard notes, as well as excerpts from maps and other screenshots. When you scan a newspaper article or a book page, OneNote recognizes the text in the image so that you can search for words and other content in the document. With suitable computer accessories you can even create handwritten notes and drawings – like in a notebook made of paper.

The possibilities of cooperation are also brilliant: All content in your digital notebook can be shared with friends, relatives and acquaintances via the internet in just a few clicks. If you want, you can work with them on the notes, keeping everyone involved in the same state. And: Of course, you can also print all digital content back on paper or save it in other formats, for example as a PDF or Word file. OneNote is incredibly flexible!

Don’t be afraid of OneNote!

Microsoft OneNote comes very close to the perfect Swiss Army knife. You will be amazed at how the software can intuitively support you during many tasks in everyday life.

If you feel overwhelmed by the many features, then please do not worry: I will explain them to you step by step in this blog. You will find out how to master the many options and get OneNote under control easily.

In the next blog post, we will get to know the basic structure and logic of Microsoft OneNote.

5 thoughts on “What is OneNote?

  1. Okay, can you go over all this again in English, i.e., non tech-speak? Don’t just say it, but show examples as you go. Why would I want to use OneNote in everyday life? Use everyday examples, too. To add some kelp for you, I am not a techie, but use the programs on W 10, plus other software. I do a lot of photo stuff in Photoshop and video stuff, mainly using Sony Vegas.



  3. I found that this software had hijacked my printer, I didn’t ask for it, and don’t want or, need it.
    I deleted it from my computer.

  4. OneNote seemed pretty irrelevant to me until the coronavirus pandemic arrived. Now, since the lock-down, the collaborative aspects have become pretty appealing along with zoom and other apps that help us connect and share experiences.

  5. why do you keep making printer programs more and more complicated? I am retired….do not need complicated things like this……pretty soon I will have to go to college to understand how to run the printer….all I want is a simple uncomplicated way to scan items…….ready to take a sledge hammer to this .

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